Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Honeywell Solstice® yf has GWPs 99.9% lower than the product it replaces. We estimate that replacing HFC134a with Solstice yf throughout 2015 will save the carbon dioxide equivalent of removing more than 1 million cars from the road.

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Aftermarket “near drop-in” Solution

See how to use Solstice yf for aftermarket service of existing car air-conditioning systems.

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Cooling More than 9 Million Cars

The majority of automakers are using HFO-1234yf. Find out why.

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The Best Choice for the Environment

Compare Solstice® yf to other commercially-available refrigerants


A Better Cool

Solstice® yf is a better choice for the environment, for auto manufacturers, and for drivers.

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    Cars on the Road using Solstice yf

    Watch the count grow: This counter shows the current number of cars on the roads worldwide that use Solstice yf.

    Independent studies show that the use of Solstice yf would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing more than 30 million cars from the roads worldwide, or approximately 3% of the total global fleet.


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