See how Honeywell is investing it the future of Solstice yf – video

See how Honeywell is investing it the future of Solstice yf – video

In the last decade, many car manufacturers decided to implement new refrigerants in various car makes and models which has included the use of Solstice yf.

Car makers look for:

  • New refrigerant platform strategies  – seeking common global solutions to take advantage of manufacturing economies of scale
  • Reliable and efficient solutions when engineering  their production lines

This ensures common manufacturing processes that can be applied across markets with different environmental regulations. Whole production plants are often converted to Solstice yf, as our customers consider this more practical than re-engineering production lines one at a time.

The demand for Solstice yf is increasing exponentially due to the progressive enforcement of environmental legislation (MAC Directive in the EU, CAFE in the US and similar legislation in other markets like Japan and South Korea). 

  • More than 20 OEMs equip almost 80 of their models with yf 
  • By end of 2016, we expect these numbers to surpass 18 million globally

To meet the growing demand, Honeywell has been investing significantly. Together with key suppliers, the company has dedicated approximately $300 million to increase production capacity for Solstice yf. These investments include the construction of a new, high-volume manufacturing plant using new process technology at the company’s existing Geismar, Louisiana, refrigerants manufacturing site. It is expected to be fully operational in 2016.

With the allocation of substantial resources, Honeywell is ensuring sustained availability to its customers, as the broad use of Solstice yf continues.